LIFE Program
Social Change & Leadership Development
In Israel and India

Masa grants cover up to $4500 of the program fee!

As an officially recognized program of Masa Israel Journey, eligible LIFE participants from North America and other countries can receive up to $4500 off the program fees! 

To apply for your Masa Grant for "B'Tzedek - LIFE - October 2012" - CLICK HERE. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: The LIFE Program is listed as B'Tzedek - LIFE - October 2012 on the Masa application.

There are two types of Masa grants for North Americans.  
  1. A $3000 Universal Grant. You are eligible to receive this grant if you are:
    • Jewish
    • Between ages 18-30
    • Not be an Israeli citizen OR if you are, you must have left Israel before the age of fourteen
    • Not have not traveled on an organized long-term program in Israel since September 2004
  2. An additional $1500 needs based grant may be awarded to you if are financially independent and can meet the following conditions:  
    • You are financially independent and are not claimed as a dependent by parents/guardians for tax purposes
    • You can present a notarized letter from parents confirming your independence.
    • You have an income of $45,000 or less per year
    • You can demonstrate your status by showing a house lease with your name on it for at least 6 months.
    • NOTE: If you are considered a dependent, you may also receive this grant if you can demonstrate that your family's annual income does not exceed $22,500 per person.
If you are from another country, please use the Masa calculator to figure the amount of your grant. Note that the portion of our program that is eligible for Masa grants is 5 months and not 10.  

Apply for your Masa Grant now.